Redhawks buzzing with excitement as H-E-B makes North Texas debut

The campus was buzzing with excitement as H-E-B’s Frisco location opened Wednesday. The store is H-E-B’s flagship in North Texas, and marks the beginning of their expansion.

They prioritize the quality of their food and there’s a good vibe,

— junior Aaron Xu

“The stuff at H-E-B is healthy and fresh and it’s just like a nice change from other grocery stores,” junior Aaron Xu said. “They prioritize the quality of their food and there’s a good vibe. There’s also a lot of pre-packaged stuff so that’s really convenient.”

H-E-B stores are primarily located in southern Texas, but Wednesday’s store opening in Frisco has several teachers excited for the Frisco location.

“I’m excited about H-E-B because I’m a South Texas boy,” art teacher Jeb Matulich said. “I grew up in the New Braunfels area, so I think people like it, well I like it because of the variety of food. They have their own specialty type foods, H-E-B has their own brand of food and their own versions of things. They have a lot of seasonings and spices, so they put their own spin on a lot of stuff.”

Along with the specialty items, H-E-B holds an air of nostalgia for social studies teacher Kristen Mayfield.

“I think H-E-B’s the best grocery store,” world history teacher Kristen Mayfield said. “When I was in college at A&M, we had an H-E-B and so that’s where I started grocery shopping there. And it’s kind of nostalgic cause I [also] went growing up when we visited my grandma in Houston.”

I’m excited about H-E-B because I’m a South Texas boy,

— art teacher Jeb Matulich

For others, including economics teacher Scott Li, the diversity of products is what attracts customers to the stores.

“They have a really good, diverse set of groceries and products that I’m really happy with,” Li said. “I think the more choices buyers and consumers have, the better. Right now people are just excited because it’s new, but I think what makes H-E-B stay in power is the fact that they have good prices and a variety of products, and good service overall.”

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