Here in Frisco, “everything’s better” for some as H-E-B opens flagship store

 It wasn’t quite the Beatles arrival in America

Or even In-N-Out’s arrival in Texas.

But for many people in Frisco, Wednesday’s opening of San Antonio based H-E-B on Main Street in Frisco, was a grocery store dream come true. 

“We’ve got The Star, Dallas Cowboys and PGA,” Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said in the Dallas Morning News. “But I am not sure anything has had this level of excitement in this community.”

With a line of approximately 1,500 people waiting outside for the store’s opening at 6 a.m., the Frisco location is H-E-B’s first location in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. 

“It actually started about two and a half years ago,” H-E-B senior vice president of sales, marketing and merchandising Mike Jarzombek said. “So with the design of the store, there were several of us that had a lot of input. And then we did a lot of customer research.”

When it came to the store’s construction, a former Redhawk was there from the beginning. 

“We partner up with H-E-B to build the grocery store itself,” project manager, and class of 2013 graduate, Eric Perez said. “We help manage all of the trade partners, stacks, the guys performing the work, and we’re also working with the city of Frisco as far as how inspections are, making sure we’re building everything for code.”

The building contains many features from an H-E-B pharmacy with a drive-thru, a True Texas BBQ restaurant with a drive-thru, H-E-B Fuel gas station, and curbside pickup. In addition, it also has the basics from a bakery, fresh sushi, a deli, and more. 

Although there is this wide variety in products, H-E-B tailors each store to the community, with the Frisco store catering many of their products to the city’s large Asian population.

“We tailor that for the customer,” Jarzombek said. “Frisco has a heavier Asian population and  South Asians. So if you go throughout the store, over in dairy, we have a four-foot set just of Indian yogurt.”

Their associates that work here, it’s like a culture. It’s family owned for generations

— Frisco Economic Development secretary treasurer Gary Carley

To Frisco Economic Development secretary treasurer Gary Carley, this connection to the community creates a positive company culture and work environment.

“So in my early years, I grew up in each of these stores,” Carley said. “So people will soon understand that their product line is absolutely the best. Their associates that work here, it’s like a culture. It’s family owned for generations, people that have the chance to come to actually do that. So the work environment is great.”

During their ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, H-E-B announced their first act of giving back to the community, a donation of $10,000 to Frisco ISD’s Career and Technological Education Center’s agricultural and culinary programs.

Acts like this, on top of what can be found inside the store, are why H-E-B has such devoted fans according to H-E-B petroleum operations Regina Lopez.

“It’s our community service stuff,” Lopez said. “We do a lot of volunteerism and we do a lot of giving. So I think putting that together with what we do as far as offering unique products, it brings everybody.”

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  • The new 118,000 square foot H-E-B in Frisco, TX debuts on Wednesday at 6 a.m. as the first H-E-B in the DFW area.

  • The 21st True Texas BBQ is an addition to Frisco’s H-E-B. Some outlets say it’s the best chain barbecue in the state.

  • At the front of the store, there’s H-E-B Meal Simple offering convenient chef-inspired meals that are prepared in store.

  • Inside the store, there’s a Blooms, H-E-B’s floral department. Beyond the pre-made arrangements they have, customers also can book arrangements for events such as weddings along with online ordering and delivery service.

  • There is a in-store sushi house called Sushiya which offers sashimi by the pound, handmade sushi daily, and an Asian grill with rice bowls, teriyaki and more.

  • Handmade artisan breads, cakes, and warm tortillas can be found in the bakery.

  • H-E-B is famously know for their fresh butter tortillas but after customer research, they have also added fresh roti bread to the Frisco location.

  • In the deli section, H-E-B’s first combined cheese and charcuterie meat section with 350 cheeses from around the world.

  • Throughout the store, customers can find healthy products from bulk food items to sports nutrition products and supplements.

  • Besides food, there is also a home decor section with furniture and decorations.

  • A special product that can be found exclusively in the new H-E-B is Cafe Olè and K Cups’ Taste of DFW coffee beans and pods.

  • To accommodate to the high South Asian population in the area, in the dairy section, besides just greek yogurt, customers can find a variety of Indian yogurt including Lassi and Gopi.

  • Another exclusive feature is the new array of international produce that includes Chinese and Indian eggplant, methi leaf, bok choy, and more.

  • The store also offers over 65 different freshly-squeezed juices and over 50 choices of cut-up fruits and vegetables.

  • To provide for all, H-E-B offers many products that consider dietary restrictions. They have vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, and halal options in store.