Featured Athlete: Zach Hadnot


Provided by Zach Hadnot

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 9/22 is varsity football player senior Zach Hadnot.

Amiyah Johnson, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: Why do you play football?

Hadnot: “Good bonding time with my friends and my teammates and it really brings us all closer


Wingspan: What position do you play?

Hadnot: “Corner.”

Wingspan: Why did you pick to play corner?

Hadnot: “That’s just the position I’m best at.”

Wingspan: What do you do playing corner?

Hadnot: “You gotta guard the wide receiver not trying to stop them from getting the ball.”

Wingspan: Okay, what are your hopes for this season?

Hadnot: “I just hope we could give our all every game we would all on the field you know, play to the best of our ability.”

Wingspan: What game are you the most excited for and Why?

Hadnot: “Heritage, I really want to beat them”

Wingspan: What inspires you to go give your all on the field everyday?

Hadnot: “I’m just doing it for my teammates, making them proud making us all feel better about


Wingspan: What advice would you give to somebody who wants to start playing football?

Hadnot: “Just to be really focused, give your all never and just never give up.”

Wingspan: What changes are you looking forward to this year versus last year?

Hadnot: “Not necessarily any changes. I think we did pretty good last year, all of us as a unit. So I think if we just, you know, keep that up. Keep rolling off of what we had going last year. We should be good.”

Wingspan: How do you feel about getting a new quarterback this year?

Hadnot: “I mean, I don’t think you should be different. You know, our quarterback was never really that important to the team. So I feel like this should be good regardless of who we got there. So yeah.”

Wingspan: Okay, and what team do you think is going to be the most challenging this year?

Hadnot: “Nobody really, I don’t really feel like as a team we play to the best of our ability. I don’t think we could face any challenges.”