Football seeks improvement against Lions

JHelmick Photography

The Redhawk football team looks for their first win on Friday. They face the Reedy Lions at 7:00 Toyota Stadium in a District 6-5A Division I game.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

After suffering a 43-10 loss against Heritage in week four, the Redhawk football team hopes to bounce back Friday against the Reedy Lions at Toyota Stadium in their District 6-5A Division 1 game.

“Reedy is actually the best team that we’re gonna have played so far,” head football coach Matt Swinnea siad. “And when you play a good team your margins for error are really slim. So really its a matter of just, we’ve gotta do things really really well. So at practice we’ve just been cleaning up what we haven’t been doing well and trying to get better.”

Having beat Reedy last year 50-49, Swinnea believes the stakes this year are higher.

“Obviously it means more, but it’s still you know relatively early you know,” Swinnea said. “You know they were young last year when we beat them, so this is a year for them that they have been looking forward to. They’re probably right now picked to win it, and so you know and here’s an opportunity for us to upset things and to really put the district in disarray.”

Taking over as starting quarterback for the second time this season, sophomore Jacob Nickell is excited to take the role.

“It’s a big role, but I just have to go in and do my job, which is to help my team to the best of my abilities,” Nickell said. “Reedy’s reputation isn’t scary, I mean I’m very confident in our team.”