Band marches into their first competition of the season


Provided by the Ford Center video production

Band is competing in their first marching competition of this season on Saturday. The competition will be an opportunity to show off their skills, work with other marching bands, and further improve as musicians.

Grant Milleson, Staff Reporter

The Redhawk band is flying solo to Little Elm on Saturday, as they transition from their football halftime show to their marching show in their first marching competition of the season.

“The first contest is always interesting,” assistant director of bands Cecily Yokam said. “Sometimes, nerves get the best of students, but with enough preparation this should not affect students greatly. One positive outcome from the first contest is always the little extra push we all feel finally premiering the show and putting it out into the world. It allows for everyone to feel more a part of the process and you feel as though you are working towards something new.”

The competition will be the band’s first public performance, allowing them to finally show off their work to the public as well as other marching groups.

“My goals for the band’s first competition is to be the best that we can be together on field and look strong after all the work we have put in,” freshman Janis Jaison said. “I hope that we can start showing to others how good we are and how capable we can be in the first performance.”

The competition also offers students a chance to set goals to improve their performance.

“I feel like after the competition I will begin to realize what I really need to work on,” freshman Krishna Perneti said. “I’ll also probably push myself harder during practice to achieve goals that I set for myself based on my performance during the contest.”

Jaison believes that getting to see other groups perform will push her and the rest of the band to get better.

“My goal for the band is to use everything that I learned during summer band and after school rehearsal onto the field,” Jaison said. “I also want it to be my best effort and be a good performer and continue to have a good competition season. Overall I feel like the practices will be much more competitive after witnessing other bands.”

Although Yoakam hopes to get to see the band move on to finals, she believes the more important part is for students to have fun and be proud of their performance.

“My personal goal for the first competition is for us to have a fun and incredible performance,” Yoakam said. “I always just want to see you all as students grow and have the best performance you can.  I would love to see them throw down, perform their hearts out with calm confidence, and have fun. As teachers, that is all we can ask for,  just have fun and try your best.”