Featured Athlete: Mary Jane McCurdy


Provided by Mary Jane McCurdy

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 10/6 is junior Mary Jane McCurdy.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start playing volleyball?

McCurdy: “I started playing volleyball when I was in 3rd grade.”

Wingspan: Why did you start playing volleyball?

McCurdy: “I started playing volleyball because all of my friends were joining a rec league and I wanted to join as well.”

Wingspan: Aside from playing for the school, do you play volleyball on a club team?

McCurdy: “Yes, I have played club for 7 years now. I played at Frisco Flyers for 6 of those years, and this year I moved to Madfrog. I am very excited about this season and all of the new things a new club will bring.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest inspiration?

McCurdy: “My biggest inspiration is my mom. She has taught me to work hard and to not give up on anything and I think that has helped me when volleyball is tough or I am just tired.” 

Wingspan: What is your favorite part about volleyball?

McCurdy: “My favorite part about volleyball is definitely celebrating with everyone after me or one of my teammates gets a good kill. It is so fun to be hype with the team and do different cheers to get us excited.”

Wingspan: What has been your favorite volleyball memory?

McCurdy: “My favorite volleyball memory is definitely winning Lonestar in my 16s year. My team did so well and we played some super tough teams, but we ended up qualifying for nationals and winning the whole thing.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on continuing to play after graduating?

McCurdy: “I am still trying to figure that out. Hopefully this club season I can reach out to some schools and see what my options are. I am still figuring this out and am starting recruiting now.”