ISM students get a taste of the business world at symposium


Heather Whitcomb

ISM students gathered at Panther Creek High School Wednesday for a business symposium. The event allowed students to speak to career professionals, and gain knowledge about the business world.

Varun Saravanan, Executive Producer

To help students network in the professional world, ISM held a business symposium at Panther Creek High School Wednesday. 

“I think symposium is definitely effective in immersing students in the business world,” senior Riya Khosla said. “Especially as an ISM 1 student, I haven’t really had as many opportunities in the past to talk to business professionals.”

After a year of COVID restrictions, this year’s event brought a new atmosphere.

“I feel that this year it was a lot more interactive,” senior Vinay Pattanashettar said. “There was a lot more people this year too. Due to COVID last year, everyone was masked up, but this year it was a lot more open and you got to see the emotions on people’s faces.”

Attendees could meet ISM alumni in panel sessions and gain insight into specific industries. Additionally, presenter stations attempted to prepare the mentees for the future with advice about interviewing and professionalism. 

“Hearing from the presenters was helpful because they gave insight into what professionals are actually doing,” junior Mauli Karapurkar said. “A lot of them also talked about the interviewing process along with what they actually do in their work, which you don’t always hear about.”