Featured Athlete: Andrew Jáuregui


Provided by Andrew Jáuregui

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 11/3 is senior Andrew Jáuregui.

Wingspan: “What motivated you to start cross country?”

Jáuregui: “I was motivated to start cross country when, in elementary school, my sister and I found out we had a passion for running. While it would be several years before I could run cross country for middle school, I knew early on it was what I would do.”

Wingspan: “What is the most rewarding part about cross country?”

Jáuregui: “The most rewarding part of cross country is seeing both you and your teammates improve. As you progress through the season, you become a faster team as well as a closer family.”

Wingspan: “How do you feel that it’s your last year competing in high school?”

Jáuregui: “The fact that this is my last year competing in high school is extremely surreal, as I followed the program for three years during my sister’s time on the team, as well as my four years running for it myself. In total, this marks the end of a seven year era of the Jáuregui siblings in cross country.”

There is no better word to describe our team than a family. Our environment is incredibly uplifting and caring, full of support for one another,

— Andrew Jáuregui

Wingspan: “How long have you done cross country?”

Jáuregui: “While I started running regularly in elementary school, it wasn’t until 7th grade that I could run cross country, so this is my 6th year as a student athlete in cross country.”

Wingspan: “Will you continue in college? If so, where or what are your options?”

Jáuregui: “The state meet will be my last race as a cross country student athlete. However, In college, I fully intend to join a running club so that I can still have regular workouts and keep running a part of my life. As of right now, I’m still deciding between The University of Oklahoma and the University of Alabama, both of which have running clubs I’d love to join.”

Wingspan: “Who is your biggest motivator?”

Jáuregui: “Throughout my entire cross country career, nobody has had a larger motivational impact on me than my sister. She lettered in cross country her freshman year, which put pressure on me to do the same. She also qualified for State all four of her years on the team, and her team won state her sophomore year. As she became an upperclassman, she naturally became a leader that the entire team, boys and girls, looked up to. She was a natural leader that I’ve done my best to emulate.”

Wingspan: “Describe the team environment and how that motivates you in your individual accomplishments.”

Jáuregui: “There is no better word to describe our team than a family. Our environment is incredibly uplifting and caring, full of support for one another. I think the fact that the sport takes such a strong mind as well as body has resulted in all the athletes who stick with it become great examples of responsibility and integrity, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for both them and me.”