Boys’ basketball open season on a buzzer beater win


Harley Classe

The boys’ basketball team saw another win on Saturday against the Coyotes. They won in a close 56-54 and secured their spot at first in District 10-5A.

Vaughn Perez, Sports Reporter

The boys’ basketball team faced the Spruce Timberwolves on Saturday to open the season, and after a slow game, they pulled through with a last second shot to secure the win 51-49.

“We won the game so you always take a win, but I do feel we made a lot of mistakes,“ assistant coach Ben Manning said. “We need to evaluate and start addressing some things sooner rather than later because we have to be prepared for some tough games and district will start before we know it.”

Senior Kaden Groom knows that the team has more to offer that will show up later in the season.

“We had spots where we were sluggish, but it’s our first real game so we know that’ll go away as we play more,” Groom said. “The team’s vibes were good and we know that once we really start going while being disciplined and working out the little things, we’ll be a good team.”