Girls’ basketball soars at Mavs Fall Classic


Amelia Jáuregui

The girls basketball team soared in the Dallas Mavs Fall Classic tournament this weekend placing sixth overall. The team is suffering from many injuries, but their spirits are still high.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

Playing in the Dallas Mavs Fall Classic tournament this weekend, the Redhawk girls basketball team placed 6th overall, winning two out of their four games.

“It was actually really good results considering the handling we got,” head basketball coach Ross Reedy siad. “We played four really good teams. We had mixed results, we weren’t able to play everybody on our team as it was needed. You know were a little banged up right now, but a lot of positive results.”

With many injuries on the team, the Redhawks were forced to play with only seven girls.

“We didn’t have our starting point guard, Journee, for our games on Friday and Saturday which forced a challenge for the team,” sophomore Kathryn Murphy said. “During our second game another player got hurt, which then made us have a total of 7 people for our 3rd game against Rockwall. Going into the games we knew it was going to be challenging but we kept fighting.”

Although still early in the season, Reedy believes this was a good gauge of where the girls are at.

“Obviously there are a lot of things early in the season we can still work on,” Reedy said. “But given the talent and the competitiveness of the teams involved and their players, it revealed a lot about us in a positive way moving forward so we can get better.”