Dual Credit classes are back in session Tuesday


Maya Silberman

Many juniors and seniors on campus take Dual Credit classes through Collin College. The payment deadline for 2024-25 Dual Credit classes is Wednesday.

Neha Ramachandran, Staff Reporter

Collin College’s extended winter break will officially end as classes resume Tuesday for dual credit students. 

“This shift is easier mid year because we’re already at the midpoint of the year and we’re finishing up all of our units so it’s basically just like starting another unit,” senior Scott McCord said. 

After taking multiple dual credit classes, senior Campbell Peters believes she is prepared and ready to go back.  

“I know I will be ready for these high level classes because I have already taken three semesters of dual credit,” Peters said. “It takes time to get used to the workload, but once you understand how to balance it becomes a lot easier to get everything done.”