Board of Trustees monthly meeting Tuesday evening


Trisha Dasgupta

The Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting Monday night. They discussed budget resolutions, All State recognitions, and payment for the storm closure.

Rose Lastovica, Staff Reporter

The Frisco Independent School District Board of Trustees are meeting Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the FISD Administration Building.

During the first part of the meeting, they will hold a closed session to discuss conflicts with Texas Government code. These would include deliberation on real property that would affect the governmental body, actions that involve public officers or employees, and the Level III appeal filed by Heidi Koch pursuant to board policies. 

School Board and College Board recognitions will be awarded along with the Reedy High School state volleyball players. 

One of the bigger items on the agenda is to approve next year’s school calendar, which includes starting winter break Dec. 22.

“I prefer the break starting later because it gives us more time after the holidays for ourselves,” senior Emily Aronson said. “I get to enjoy some free space where I don’t have to be around family all the time, and get to go out and do things without worrying about school work.” 

While some students appreciate the later break, others feel it limits the time to prepare for the holiday season. 

“Winter break starting earlier means less time to prepare for the holidays. I have to spend the days leading up to important events working on school projects and studying,” senior Olivia Birge said. “The energy around the break changes when we have to stay in school later into the month, it feels more rushed.”

Other actions entail parent appointment to the book reconsideration committee, budget transfers, and qualification for vendors. 

Also on the agenda,  the monthly tax report and the second quarter budget.