Winter weather wipes out school week


Varun Saravanan

Frisco ISD canceled school for four days, Tuesday to Friday, due to the winter weather. Friday will be made up with the bad weather day on April 28.

Harley Classe, Editor-In-Chief

At the start of last week, the talk on campus was all about the winter weather coming in. However, nobody thought it would wipe out most of the school week. 

 It was a day-by-day decision as to whether there would be school from one day to the next.

Some school districts in the area such as Little Elm ISD canceled school as early as Monday.

In Frisco, the district sent out an email to parents Monday explaining its bad weather policy, and then the days got canceled one by one.

First Tuesday.

Then Wednesday.

Then Thursday.

Friday was going to be a wait and see situation, but on Thursday night the district decided to cancel Friday as well.

The cancellation of 4 days of school has led the district to plan on using the bad weather make-up day on Friday, April 28.