Boys’ soccer gains their first win of the season


Emily Vetvick

Thursday night the boys’ soccer team took on the Centennial Titans and saw their first win of the season. The boys are now entering the second half of district, where they hope for more games like Thursday.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

The Redhawk boys’ soccer team got their first win of the season, 2-1,  against the Cenntenial Titans on Thursday at The Nest. 

“It was great to get our first win,” assistant boys coach Kyle Parks said. “We changed our formation a little bit and finally broke our three-game scoreless drought.”

Typically playing a 4-3-3, senior Josiah Frantzikinakis agrees with Parks that changing their formation to a 4-4-2 was key to their success. 

“We played a new formation which helped us get the most out of our players,” Frantzikinakis said. “But we also played with a lot more energy and passion as we knew that they were second in the district.

Frantzikinakis also received man of the match, scoring the game-winner against the Titans.

“It meant a lot to earn man of the match, especially after the mental and physical struggles I’ve had with my injury,” Frantzikinakis said. “The most important thing was the effort made by the team, though. Everyone put in their best, and that’s the reason we won the game.”

The boys now enter the second half of their season, middle of the table.

“We feel like it had been a result that we have been expecting for a long time, and we feel great that it finally happened,” junior Ryan Lee said. “We need to keep believing that we can keep this up and not go into a negative mindset where we believe that we can’t keep going.”