Soccer hunts the Coyotes


Jose Alvarez

Icey temperatures hit Texas through the weekend. With game cancellations and schedule changes, the Redhawks soccer teams still competed in the Denison Tournament over the weekend.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

Now into the middle of their season, both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams hope to get a win Friday at The Nest against the Heritage Coyotes

“We hope to win this game in order to help with our chances to make playoffs,” Akshat Singh said. “We just need to be as physical and willing to win the ball as the other team, considering that Heritage is a tough opponent physically.”

Coming off their first win of the season, the key to the boys’ success last game against Centennial was a change in formation according to assistant boys soccer coach Kyle Parks who says the team will keep the new formation heading into Friday.

“Yes, our plan is to stick with the same formation that was successful last game,” Parks said. “We have spent more time practicing it for the last six days, so hopefully we have improved upon it. We hope for the team to play like they believe they can win.”

The girls on the other hand are coming off a bye week, not having played in ten days.

“You know its great that it is happening to us in the very middle of the district season,” head girls soccer coach Kyle Beggs said. “A lot of little injuries in stuff that you get from playing soccer, you get kicked here there you step wrong, anything can happen as in any sport. But this gave us a chance to heal up last Friday and Tuesday by having essentially a week and a half to two week window to kinda recover and reset and then start again on the 24th.”