Redhawk soccer battles the Knights


Abby Walker

The Redhawks are taking on the Independence Knights Friday at 7 p.m.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams take on the Independence Knights Friday, with the boys playing at The Nest and the girls’ traveling to Independence. 

“Hoping to walk away with 3 points which is a win in soccer,” boys’ head coach Evan McGee said. “We have been very disciplined and organized defensively, and right now, we’re trying to concentrate on scoring more goals and creating more chances.

Scoring goals has been a struggle for the boys, as they have yet to score in their two most recent games.

“We wanna look to create more goal-scoring opportunities than we have in previous games and against them,” senior Caleb Hendricks said. “More opportunities that lead to goals scored and, effectively, a win, bringing us closer to making the playoffs.”

The girls will play away at Independence, also hoping to come out with a win against the second place team in District 10-5A.

“Their ranking doesn’t really affect how we play,” sophomore Lily Gibbons said. “It’s just any other game, and we need to go in with that mindset. Last time we played them we tied, so rankings mean nothing.”