Board discusses All-State, budget resolutions and more


Trisha Dasgupta

Frisco ISD has opened applications for the district committees. The applications consist of roles for the District Advisory Council, Legislative Leadership Council, Library Reconsideration Committee, Safety and Security Committee, School Health Advisory Committee, Special Education Parent Committee, and Student Advisory Committee.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

Frisco ISD’s Board of Trustees held its monthly school board meeting Monday evening to discuss many topics including student recognition, and the storm closure on Friday.

The recognition for Texas All-State band, choir and orchestra, and state-qualifying athletes in swimming, diving and wrestling and along with Frisco Heritage Museum for being a FISD Partner in Education.

The Board also passed a resolution regarding employee pay during the emergency closure from the storm on Friday. Continued wage payments for all regular employees was authorized. They also made plans towards damage fees.

In addition, the Board looked at other budget transfers and amendments for the 2022-2023 budget.

Monday’s board meeting is available to watch online