Students take off for Spring Break on Friday


Emily Vetvick

Students are taking off on Friday to Spring Break, which will last from March 13-17. The 3rd quarter will also end on March 13.

Maya Silberman, Managing Editor

Students will take a week off school for spring break March 13-17. The last day on campus is Friday, which also marks the end of the third quarter.

For some students, this means wrapping up units in different classes.

“This week I had a lot of tests because it’s the last week before the end of the marking period,” junior Eva Soto said. “We’ve been trying to finish everything up for grades before we head out to break and the fourth quarter.”

According to Soto, the timing of break makes the weeks before it more stressful.

“I get why it ends before break, but it is a challenge with the timing,” she said. “I’ve had a ton of studying to do to get everything done because a lot of classes are having end of unit tests at the beginning of this week.”

For other students, such as senior Cassidi McFarland, the break’s timing coinciding with the end of the quarter is preferable.

“I like that we ended the marking period right before a break,” she said. “It’s nice to have everything done and then be able to take the week off for break and not have to worry about having to study and prepare, also knowing that everything is settled.”

The final quarter of the school year begins on March 20.