Beginning of fourth quarter marks the start of seniors’ final stretch


Brian Higgins

The fourth and final quarter of the school year began Monday, marking the start of the final stretch of the year for seniors. The fourth quarter brings AP exams and grade freezing for seniors, as well as fun end of year activities.

Maya Silberman, Managing Editor

Students are returning from spring break on Monday and beginning the fourth quarter of the 2022-23 school year. For seniors on campus, this marks their last quarter as high school students.

“The fact that this is the end of high school for me feels nerve wracking,” senior Cassidi McFarland said. “I’m also ready for it to end, though. I don’t really want to be an adult, but I’m ready to close out my high school journey.”

Looking back, senior Jaena Orozco has enjoyed her senior year thus far.

“I’m in the same class with some friends this year that I wasn’t with before,” she said. “The SpongeBob Musical was good too, and overall I felt more inclined to go to more school events because it’s my last year.”

For seniors, this is the final push until graduation on May 20.

“I anticipate that it will be hard to stay motivated and focused,” McFarland said. “I’ve worked hard for 13 school years now and I’m burnt out. I think I’ll be able to push through though.”

With the last quarter comes finishing up coursework, the freezing of senior grades, and for many students, AP exams.

“I think AP exams will be challenging,” Orozco said. “I’m probably going to be so exhausted but I’m looking forward to getting them over with, and hopefully I’ll do fine on them.”

The last quarter also brings exciting end-of-year events for seniors.

“I’m excited for water wars, senior sunset and prom,” senior Dev Sheth said. “It’s exciting to finally take part in these events that I’ve seen so many other people do throughout high school.”