CTE hosts Summer Job and Career Fair


Maya Silberman

The CTE Center is holding a summer job and career fair that can help students get real world experiences with interviews along with connect them to professionals in different fields.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

With summer getting close, some students are starting to look for summer jobs. For those unsure where to begin a job search, the Summer Job and Career Fair is on Thursday from 5-7 p.m. at the CTE Center.

“It’s been a pretty popular event that has grown through the years,” CTE counselor Stacy Purl said. “And that’s mostly because of how much the community has grown with the addition of new high schools and a diversity of students coming in.”

Students who are planning to interview should come professionally dressed, and no parents are allowed in the interview, just the students.

“It is a good opportunity for students to have the experience of getting a job over the summer and get more acquainted with the workplace,” junior Miles Lynes said.

Purl hopes that the job fair fosters a welcoming atmosphere that boosts students’ confidence.

“I do think that sometimes a barrier to students is that they don’t feel comfortable going into all these places and possibly getting rejected,” Purl said. “So while it may also feel intimidating to come here, hopefully, it’s a safe space because it’s Frisco ISD and I think it’ll be a good thing for students because they can start developing that work resume and get that job experience.”