For the first time in school history, softball enters playoffs


Courtesy of @LHSRedhawkSB

Opening the second round of District 10-5A with a win, the Redhawks softball team now moves to take on Memorial Tuesday. “We’re gonna stay locked in, we’re gonna stay with that mindset that we had last game,” sophomore Sam Byrnes said.

Zachary Moland, Sports Reporter

The softball team (6-6) seeks to declaw the Wakeland Wolverines (13-1) as they head into the playoffs for the first time in school history on Thursday night at 6:30 p.m., kickstarting a multi-game series at Independence that has the potential to last into the weekend.

Putting a Marvel spin on the matchup, if Wakeland is essentially their mascot’s namesake, Logan Howlett (a.k.a. The Wolverine), the softball team hopes to be his one weakness — adamantium poisoning. 

“Offensively we need to be selective at the plate and remain confident in our abilities,” assistant coach Heather Whitcomb said. “Defensively, we need to stay focused and make the routine plays. If we come out and play our game, we will win.”

Sophomore Madison Terry believes that confidence will be key to the team’s success.

“A strength that will help our team get the outcome we want is coming out with confidence,” Terry said. “Many teams underestimated us this season, but I believe that with our confidence the games will go very well If we keep our mindset focused on one game at a time.”