School is in session for a B-day on Friday


Maya Silberman

Frisco ISD officials are considering the use of a voter-approval tax rate election to help cover the costs of proposed raises for staff. According to district officials, if a tax rate increase is approved by voters, it could help provide as much $11 million.

A potential three day weekend is off the calendar as Friday’s bad weather make-up day is being utilized by Frisco ISD after a storm knocked out the district’s network on March 2, leading school to be closed March 3.

With March 3 scheduled to have been a B-day, Friday will be a B-day as well. 

The loss of the potential three day weekend has many students disappointed, including senior Kenna Hall. 

“I wish we were still getting this day off,” Hall said. “It’s getting closer towards the end of the year, so most of our classes are getting easier. We can take an extra day off.”

For other students, the day provides extra time for preparation and to catch up on earlier missed content.

“This is a good idea because it gives teachers more time to teach content and to catch up on grading,” junior Aditya Poduval said. “Students can also use it to make up any work, especially since it’s basically the end of the year and there are so many upcoming deadlines” 

Even though both days will be B-days, world history teacher Ben Manning doesn’t have to worry about making lesson plan changes.

“All I’m doing right now with my classes is preparing for the AP exam,” Manning said. “It’s actually a blessing for me because I get an extra day for my B day kids to prepare for the exam.”

Although he does not have to worry about the double B day, Manning said other teachers might adapt to the unusual schedule.

“Because we’ve got back to back B days with no A day, other teachers will be affected,” Manning said. “They might flip their calendars and make B day first.”