CTE Mock Trial provides summer learning opportunity


Ben Ewald

The CTE Center is known by many students for the career related opportunities it provides, and now, those are available in the summer. The CTE Center mock trial team hosting a mock trial camp May 22-25 for students with under a year of experience.

With summer break closely approaching, opportunities to explore career-related events are on the rise with the CTE Center mock trial team hosting a mock trial camp May 22-25 for students with under a year of experience. “Camp will have a mix of skills instruction and practice,” CTE Mock Trial teacher and team adviser Ben Ewald said. “The first half of the first three days will be learning new skills, and the second half of the day will be working on those skills in their trial teams while preparing for trial on Thursday.”

Lone Star junior and camp volunteer Nitin Sudarsanam joined the team for its unique combination of performance, speaking, law and debate. 

“Mock Trial is a super interesting way to combine a theatrical performance in the law context, allowing me to mix two passions of mine,” Sudarsanam said. “Realizing this, I figured that I should do my best to give back the teaching I have received and give everyone a fair shot to explore potential interests.”

The skills acquired during the camp extends far beyond law and mock trial. 

“Students will learn a host of skills that translate to everyday life, not just mock trial,” Ewald said. “Students learn organizational and planning skills, public speaking, and writing in a professional style, and this is all wrapped up in the presentation of trial skills and actual competition.”

This camp is also designed to open up opportunities to network with other students and bond with team members which, according to Sudarsanam, is a vital skill. 

“The most crucial element of success in a team environment is not how good the individual people are, but how well they can work together,” Sudarsanam said. “There is no substitute to teamwork, and needing to make friends while making progress on a case requires you to put your brains together, an experience that will serve you well for years to come.”

Sophomore Riya Sharma looks forward to taking part in this camp and learning all about the art of mock trial. 

“I definitely think this mock trial camp will teach about public speaking and hone my ability to think on my feet because it is very similar to litigation,” Sharma said. “I’m looking towards a future in law and both of those skills are really important to me for my future regardless of what I choose to pursue.”