Before leaving the nest, seniors visit elementary and middle schools


Maya Silberman

Seniors are taking a step back in time and visiting their old middle and elementary schools for reunions. The reunions take place over breakfast.

Christine Han and Athena Tseng

As the seniors prepare to fly the nest and graduate, elementary and middle schools are hosting senior breakfasts to recognize their former students. 

“I am very excited to go back to Vandeventer and visit my old teachers and friends,” senior Ishayu Gupta said. “This is a fun tradition because I get to meet my old teachers and reminisce to my middle school years.” 

The tradition is an opportunity for seniors to reminisce about their early school days before starting their adult lives. 

“It was really nice having the chance to see everyone I went to elementary school with,” senior Riya Khosla said. “Going back to our old classrooms as seniors is a bit surreal and it puts graduating high school into perspective. It is a fun tradition because it is a chance to reminisce about the past years with the people you experienced them with in the first place.”

For senior Ashwin Javvaji, the reunion is an opportunity to look back on the past before moving forward into college. 

“It’s a fun tradition because every senior class has this opportunity to look back on a part of their life that shaped who they are today,” Javvaji said. “Vandeventer as a whole was a piece of my life that influenced who I am today, so it means a lot to me to look back on some years that were a part of me before I go to college.”