Yearbook distribution during lunch Monday and Tuesday


Maya Silberman

Yearbooks are now on sale for the lowest price of the year. If families purchase a yearbook before Sept. 15, there are four free included decals.

Erika Pernis, Editor-In-Chief

Working on the 2022-2023 edition of Legacy since before the school year started, yearbooks are finally done, with distribution set for Monday and Tuesday during advisory and lunch.

“We’ve been looking at what we’ve been doing last year, trying to find their strengths and weaknesses in that whole distribution plan and trying to find a new way to adapt to the new advisory rules,” yearbook editor, senior Samantha Natividad said.

If students are unable to pick up their yearbook during these times, they can pick it up in the front office.

“It’s both exciting and scary because I put a lot of work into this year’s yearbook,” Natividad said. “In my opinion, it’s more unique compared to previous years and it’s also very personalized to all of our student body this year.”

For yearbook editor senior Urooj Qureshi, this year’s yearbook did a good job covering a lot of events and ensuring that the content was inclusive.

“So we’ve worked on this for the whole school year,” yearbook editor, senior Urooj Qureshi said. “We’re really excited for everybody to see all the work that we’ve put in from like all the sports seasons that we had and all the accomplishments that the kids have and then just everybody being included in it.”