McConaughey makes celebrity softball game ‘alright alright alright’

Frisco hosts softball game benefiting the Lone Survivor Foundation

Texas and Oklahoma will take to the football field Saturday for the annual Red River clash, but on Thursday, representatives from each team met on the softball field to raise cash.

The Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF) hosted its first celebrity softball game and Home Run Derby at Dr Pepper Ballpark to raise money for the foundation.

It was really cool, before we got started to honor the military men and women who make us feel safe,”

— MLB pitcher Roger Clemens

“We love it, it’s a great turnout, obviously for a great cause, the Lone Survivor Foundation,” former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens said. “It was really cool, before we got started to honor the military men and women who make us feel safe to be able to come out and have a fun softball game.”

The Lone Survivor Foundation focuses on healing veterans from their internal wounds, and mental illnesses. Hosting five day retreats, LSF hopes to begin the healing process for veterans and their families.

In 2007, Marcus Luttrell published an eyewitness account of his experience in Afghanistan as a U.S. Navy Seal during Operation Red Wing. Luttrell was the only survivor out of the 20 soldiers involved in the operation. Soon after the book’s release, he became a well known national hero. Three years after finishing his time in the military, Luttrell began the LSF to help other veterans who have experienced similar tragedies to his.

“It’s amazing, humbling really, I mean when you grow up you never know what situations you’re gonna get yourself into when you try to do the best you can with what you’ve got, and it’s the ability to kinda keep moving through all that adversity,” Luttrell said. “A lot of this stuff is set up after my own experience so to watch it kinda take shape and grow into what it is today is absolutely amazing, truthfully.”

The friendly match-up featured many combat veterans, former football players, and celebrities including actor Matthew McConaughey and country star Toby Keith.

“I mean we’ve got a great weekend coming up, Texas-OU,” McConaughey said. “I got a call from my friend Rocket [Roger Clemens] about a month and a half ago and he said ‘do you wanna come play in this?’ so I cleared the weekend, came on down, and the Lone Survivor, obviously a necessary foundation.”

U.S. Air Force Veteran Tim Klund helped put on the event in attempt to start a tradition, and get a friendly rivalry going.

“I’ve worked with celebrities and professional athletes for almost fifteen years now,” Klund said. “So trying to put an event together that we could have fun and really get some kind of rivalry going and bring something to this community here in Frisco and it was just a no brainer, OU-UT weekend.”

Bringing a big Texas-OU event to Frisco has been a goal for Mayor Jeff Cheney, and as an alumni of the University of Texas, this was the perfect opportunity.

I got a call from my friend Rocket about a month and a half ago and he said ‘do you wanna come play in this?’ so I cleared the weekend, came on down,”

— actor Matthew McConaughey

“What an amazing night, the energy of the crowd, all the celebrities that have come here, and all the citizens that have come out to support the Lone Survivor Foundation and just have a great time here in Frisco,” Cheney said. “We’ve been trying to have an event like this for nearly ten years and we finally made it happen. Frisco, we are a very patriotic city, so this means a lot for us to be able to help them in a way that’s meaningful and then just have a celebration.”

With all proceeds going to the Lone Survivor Foundation, and the great turnout from the fans, the night was alright alright alright, even if it put McConaughey in a place he hasn’t been in more than three decades.

“I just came down,” McConaughey said. “I ran into some guys I hadn’t seen in a long time, and we’ll see what it’s gonna be like, I haven’t been on a baseball field in 35 years.”