New school year, new adjustment as school starts on Thursday


Perry Mellone

Changing the norm, students kicked into full gear for the start of school on Thursday.

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

For many districts, the first day of the 2018-19 year school doesn’t come until Monday, but Frisco ISD staff and students kicked things off on Thursday, an adjustment for many on campus.

“Having school start on Thursday allows teachers an introduction day with the students, then gives them the weekend to make any adjustments and decompress from the hectic planning and preparation time before returning full-force the following week,” English teacher Denise Synatschk said. “Planning was pretty similar to most other years, but we had to adjust when assignments would be due and how to get the appropriate grades entered because of the shortened first week.”

The move to a Thursday start also has benefits for students such as senior Shenal Christian.

“For me starting school on a Thursday was fine because it gave me three days to prepare to get up on time and get all my stuff ready,” Christian said. “Also it gives me time on the weekend to get my school supplies for my classes.”

Starting school earlier this year may seem more hectic, but beginning on a Thursday is a nice way to ease into the year for Christian.

“Planning this year was less stressful because it was not a full week so I was only planning for the first two days,” she said. “These two days are only policies and syllabuses so it was definitely easier to plan since there isn’t really much to do.”