Featured Athlete: Sophie Rodriguez

Grade: 12 | Sport: Softball


After years of playing volleyball, senior Sophie Rodriguez decided to take a swing at softball and join the Redhawk softball team. Upon joining the team, she has found her place and made many memories and friends through the sport.

Wingspan: What inspired you to start softball?

Rodriguez: “I had played volleyball my entire life and I wanted to try something different, so I joined softball halfway through my sophomore year.”

Wingspan: What keeps you motivated to stay in the sport?

Rodriguez: “I love the people and the coaches, so everybody makes it really fun to be there. Softball also gives me the opportunity to be competitive and stay in shape.”

Wingspan: What is the most difficult thing about softball?

Rodriguez: “I would say the most difficult thing is staying consistent when fielding, and getting productive hits each time you go up to bat.”

Wingspan: What is the biggest benefit of being in the sport?

Rodriguez: “I would say the biggest benefit of playing softball would be all the friends and memories I’ve made throughout the years.”

Wingspan: What’s it’s like being on the team?

Rodriguez: “Being on the team has been a great experience. It’s fun to play with great teammates and coaches.”

Wingspan: What pumps you up/motivates you before a game?

Rodriguez: “Music will usually get me excited before a game.”

Wingspan: What is your pregame ritual?

Rodriguez: “I always make sure to eat enough, and listen to music before every game.”