Finishing up algebra with a refresher


Melody Tavallaee

Pre-AP Algebra 2 students are closing the year with a cumulative quiz that goes over the material they learned over the course of the year. The quiz is to help students prepare for the future and has many benefits.

Shreya Jagan, Guest Contributor

With the school year wrapping up, each class has their own definition of closure. While the Frisco ISD school district does not require semester finals, all Pre-AP Algebra 2 students are taking a cumulative semester quiz in their respective classes this coming week.

“We have semester quizzes in Algebra 2 because the students need to learn how to retain information,” Pre-AP Algebra 2 teacher Kalynne Tweedie said. “Not just for a test, but for longevity, because math is built upon itself.”

Not only do the teachers think it’s a good idea, some students seem to think it’s a good refresher and a preparation for what’s to come.

“I don’t think its a bad thing,” freshman Satwik Ghoshal said. “There are so many real life applications that come in handy along with Algebra 2 knowledge.”

While the test was created to help the students, the teachers can find benefits from it as well.

“We teach everything that would be required for the quiz,” Tweedie said. “And then we go back and make sure that everything we’ve taught aligns with what the quiz has on it. And with the grades that the students get back, it helps us collaborate and figure out what we need to pay more attention to for the next year students.”

Although most students don’t mind it, not everybody shares the same perspective.

“I don’t really see the point,” freshman Vishnu Gangula said. “I understand where the teachers are coming from with the semester quiz, but when Frisco ISD itself doesn’t require it, I just feel that it’s a bit unnecessary.”

Ultimately, the semester quiz is designed to prepare students for their inevitable future.

“It’s mainly to prepare students for college,” Tweedie said. “When you get there, you may only have one or two tests that you’re able to retake in a semester class in college, and it’s either you fail or you don’t, so, it’s all about how much you can be prepared for what’s to come.”