Featured Athlete: Zach Moore

Grade: 12 | Sport: Cross Country


Wingspan: How long have you been doing cross country and what got you started?

Moore: “I’ve been doing cross country for two years. What got me started is I was doing pretty well in track and coach Manning [boys’ head cross country coach Ben Manning] came up to me and suggested I join and I’ve been in cross country ever since.”

Wingspan: What is the best part of cross country?

Moore: “Running with friends and having that team environment is my favorite part of it.”

Wingspan: Do you have an exercise routine?

Moore: “After I do a race I do ab workouts and lift weights.”

Wingspan: How do you mentally prepare yourself before a race?

Moore: “I listen to some chill music, and some J. Cole.” 

Wingspan: How has cross country impacted your personal life?

Moore: “It has made me look at adversity in a different way. I accept challenges and am more welcoming to them.”

Wingspan: How has cross country affected your school life?

Moore: “I’ve definitely taken school more seriously. It doesn’t take time away from me doing school work, it’s actually made me better at managing time.”

Wingspan: Do you have any advice for aspiring athletes?

Moore: “Just get your priorities straight. Be able to manage your time and just be dedicated and make sure to be having fun because by the end of the day if you don’t have passion then you won’t be able to do it.”