Featured Athlete: Emily Nickell

Grade: 12 | Sport: Volleyball


Senior Emily Nickell serves in a match against Frisco. Nickell believes close connections between players are a big asset for the team as volleyball prepares for its second playoff game.

Wingspan: Do you have a hype song or a way to get mentally prepared for a game?

Nickell: “Not one for me in particular, but as a team we usually put on something like Black and Yellow or Turn My Swag On. It gets everyone really excited and it helps us get in the right mindset to win.”

Wingspan: Do you have a pre-game ritual at all?

Nickell: “It’s weird, but I always put my clothes on in a special order. Shoes, shorts, shirt. We always have a dance party before every game.”

Wingspan: Do you have any special eating habits? 

Nickell: “I eat really light before a game, and if we win we go eat at Chilis.”

Wingspan: Do you think that the playoffs bring players closer?

Nickell: “I do. We play games before and after a match like scream and assassin and I really think it helps build good bonds and friendships between the players.”

Wingspan: What do you think your chances of winning are?

Nickell: “I want to say they are very high because we have been really tight in our regimens and are really close personally.” 

Wingspan: How do you feel about this being your last year of high school volleyball?

Nickell: “It’s pretty sad, but I’m still really glad to be a part of the program, and I think I’m ready to move onto the next phase of my life.“

Wingspan: Can you tell us how you feel after a big win?

Nickell: “It’s very relieving and satisfying after a tough game, because you know you can just relax for a couple hours and enjoy time with the team.”

Wingspan: Do you have a special training regimen?

Nickell: “Not really, we usually just work out as a team and in practice.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for future or current students that are interested in volleyball?

Nickell: “Just go for it. It might seem difficult and scary at first, but you will build a great chemistry with your team that you just can’t replicate.”