Featured Athlete: Lauren Ransom

Grade: 12 | Sport: Volleyball


Senior Lauren Ransom passes the ball to her teammates, in hopes of scoring another point, Ransom is a 4 year varsity player, and has been playing setter since the beginning of her school volleyball career in 7th grade at Vandeventer Middle School.

Wingspan: Do you have a hype song or a way to get mentally prepared for a game?

Ransom:  “I don’t really have a hype song. I just try to remain focused and visualize the game.”  

Wingspan: Do you have a pre-game ritual?

Ransom:  “We always listen to music as a team before a game to get us loose and ready to play.”  

Wingspan: Do you think that the playoffs bring players closer?

Ransom: “I definitely think it helps bring us closer. Especially this year, we have so many people on the team that are experiencing playoffs for the first time. So all of the returners are trying to walk everyone through it and keep them calm”  

Wingspan: What do you think your chances of winning are?

Ransom:  “I think we have a great shot at going really far in the playoffs. But as of right now, we are just focusing on the next game we have.”  

Wingspan: How do you feel that it’s your last season as a Redhawk volleyball player?

Ransom:  “It is super sad that this is my last season. Each year and has been great in different ways.  This season has been the best year yet. I have had so much fun playing with all of these girls and having an undefeated record in district is awesome.”  

Wingspan: Can you tell us how you feel after a big win?

Ransom:  “After a big win I always feel so accomplished. We always work so hard for each and every game, so when we win it is such a great feeling.”  

Wingspan: Do you have a special training regimen?

Ransom:  “In school practices the setters work with Coach Hill on all of our sets.”  

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for future or current students that are interested in volleyball?

Ransom:  “I would tell them to just try volleyball out. That is what I did when I was younger and now I love the sport. You learn so many things and make so many great friends. It has been a great experience for me.”