Parking spots open up as new lot is completed


Caroline Attmore

After months of construction, students can now use the parking lot located near the field house. The lot will now compensate for the spots lost to band’s practice space, and the overflow of student cars.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

After months of construction, the new parking lot behind the fieldhouse is now available for students. The new lot will compensate for the parking spots lost to the bands practice area, and provide a more convenient parking for student athletes and coaches. 

“I’m excited that we’re going to have paring that’s more convenient for our students to go to the athletics fields that are out there,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “I’m also excited to have a place for students and coaches to park that’s closer to our fieldhouse for those student athletes.”

The new lot will make it easier for spectators and athletes alike to reach the sports fields, but getting the lot built had its obstacles, and there are still restrictions as to where students can and can not drive.

“It took longer than expected, we had trouble getting permits from the city, because we had to actually build a road out to it, and then working with the city on figuring out the changes in traffic patterns,” Rainwater said. “We still don’t want kids driving out to the athletics fields, and we don’t want kids back behind the school where the busses pick up because of safety hazards.” 

For track runner and senior Brandon Runge, the change will be a big convenience for athletes heading to and from practice. 

“I think it’s good since when I go out to track I can just park there,” Runge said. “And then after going to practices, and running on the track, I can get dressed and go straight out by the fieldhouse and get in my car, instead of having to walk all the way over to the other parking lot.” 

For all outdoor sports, the new lot will ease the trip to and from the fieldhouse, and also create a safer and more manageable place for students to park their car. 

“I feel like it’s an improvement because there’s not a lot of space in the student parking lot, and i guess it’s closer to the cafeteria where people can enter,” tennis player and senior Vihaan Gupta said. “It can get me to the field house faster so I can get to the courts.”