HAC issues continue into second week


Home Access Center

After rolling out a new version of the Home Access Center earlier this month, the site has been plagued with several errors. Students and parents still experiencing difficulties with can now report issues with a Google form.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

The district rolled out a new update to HAC over President’s Day weekend, but as of Tuesday, some students are still having trouble accessing their grades. 

“Not being able to access HAC isn’t that good for me because as a senior I’ve been trying to keep my grades all A’s,” senior Kori Harris said. “Not being able to see them so I can check with teachers and come to retakes isn’t that good for me”

Students and parents experiencing issues can report their exact problems on a Google form, or by emailing digital learning coach Clayton Pope. 

“There are currently some issues with HAC that they’re already working through right now,” Pope said. “The best way to resolve those issues is probably to email me at popec@friscoisd.org and I can help forward that or help troubleshoot. Hopefully, it won’t impact students negatively for too long.”

All Frisco ISD parents were sent an email concerning the update and what can be done to solve the issues. 

“In an effort to help us provide data to PowerSchool, please complete this Google Form: HAC Issue Reporting Link, as it contains the necessary information to narrow down the root cause,” Director of Student Communications, Liz Abbott said via email. “I can assure you I am trying to get this corrected as soon as possible, as I realize the importance of serving our community and providing access to you in order to stay informed of your academic progress.”