Monday with Ms. Marvel: to those on the frontlines


Morgan Kong

In her weekly column, Monday with Ms. Marvel, Wingspan’s Trisha Dasgupta reviews different political issues and relatable topics in everyday life.

Trisha Dasgupta, Staff Reporter

I’ve been sitting at home for the past three weeks, only ever stepping outside for short walks around my neighborhood. Never for too long, and never without protection. My days have been filled with online school, Jane Austen novels, and the harsh glow of my laptop screen. I haven’t seen my friends in weeks, and I never thought that I’d miss the sound of the school bell ringing, and yet, here I am. 

I am bored and scared and anxious, but above all else, I am very, very, lucky. I am far away from the danger, tucked away inside my safe home, which is something I do not take for granted. There are too many who are in much different situations than me, and I recognise the toll that this pandemic has taken on others. So I want to say to those on the frontline, thank you.

I want to say thank you to the healthcare workers who have been risking their lives to save their patients. Nurses and doctors and support staff are putting themselves in danger, isolating themselves from their families, and working ungodly hours to help fight this terrible illness. Despite dwindling resources and the terrifying uncertainty, they have been strong in the face of this pandemic, which is being constantly proven to be no easy task. 

I want to say thank you to the teachers who have been continuing to teach my generation from their homes, continuing to show how a teacher’s job is so much more than just homework and assignments. I’ve heard from so many friends who have been reaching out to their favorite teachers in these troubling times, all because we know that they will be able to make us feel better. We look forward to the weekly meeting calls, and even though we may not always admit it, we miss seeing our teachers everyday. 

I want to thank our city workers, our garbage men, our janitorial staff, and all of the workers who have been keeping our city and streets clean. In a time where health and cleanliness is so important, they have been putting themselves in danger to insure that the rest of us are safe. While these jobs have always been crucial to our daily lives, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of their vital public service. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to thank the cashiers, grocery store employees, delivery men, and all of the other people who work the minimum wage jobs that have been proven to be essential to our daily lives. The workers whose jobs have been mocked, belittled, and called “low-skill” have finally been seen for what they actually are; the backbone of our society. 

All of these people have been risking their lives and doing their jobs, all so that we can stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you’re still seeing friends and family outside your home, making non-essential trips, or attending large social gatherings you aren’t only putting yourselves in danger, but all of these workers who are at a high risk. These stay at home orders and regulations have been put in place for a reason, and violating them is reckless and selfish. Stay healthy, safe, and most importantly inside. In times like this being bored at home is a privilege, and we should not take it for granted.