Simply Shreya: an oxymoron that makes sense


Morgan Kong

Wingspan’s Shreya Jagan shares her personal take on issues and experiences in her weekly column Simply Shreya.

Shreya Jagan, Managing Editor

I’ve always been somewhat of an expressive person. And that may not always be a good thing. Something that I’ve learned, (especially over these past few months where everything has had a frustrating aspect of some sort) is that anger should not be your immediate response to everything.

Our anger stems from a place of desire. A desire for change, for better opportunities, for a better future. So, it’s understandable but not justifiable. In a country where there is so much hate that so many people spread, the least we can do is try to turn our anger into something productive. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that we should all be super peaceful and submissive. Instead, I’m suggesting that we can be aggressive but still maintain our calm at the same time. Oxymoron much? Well yes, but sometimes oxymorons actually make sense. In a weird, spiritual kind of way. 

And our anger doesn’t just cause riots or physical fights. It can also cause us to make rash decisions that we regret later. Whether that be a tweet or an Instagram story or even a tiktok, it’s not fair to others and to yourself to make a statement in a way that makes you wish you could take it back even seconds into the future. 

It’s obviously not my place to speak for everyone when I say this (I hope I do) but it doesn’t hurt to be kind and it doesn’t hurt to go about certain issues in a more considerate way. Not only does it help maintain conversations peacefully, it might make for a more safe space where people aren’t afraid to express their thoughts and feelings. 

All in all, even if we don’t become “one with nature” (sorry for the overrated and stereotypical saying but I just had to), we can at least work towards making a difference the calm way; the right way.