Grades due for seniors by Friday


Roy Nitzan

Seniors will be having their final grades put in as of Monday.

Shreya Jagan and Cooper Ragle

With the year finally settling down, seniors will be having their final grades put in as of Monday. However, this isn’t true for every student as grades for freshman, sophomore, and junior grades are only due May 18. 

“Senior grades are processed before so that the final transcript can be prepared in order to meet various deadlines for college, job, or travel,” data clerk Cathy Hoffmesiter said. “It takes about a week to fully process both the grades themselves and the transcript for each of our senior students.”

Some see the deadline as helpful. 

“I think it’s very beneficial that seniors are getting all their grades by May 10,” senior Annelise Best said. “It’s nice, it feels like we worked really hard and it’ll be nice to have two weeks of enjoying our goodbyes without freaking out about tests.”

Others see the deadline as a reminder that the end of their high school careers are nearing. 

“I feel that it’s a little sad actually,” senior Megan Guidry said via text. “It’s like an alarm that’s letting me know that four very important years of my life are coming to an end. And eventually, I’ll have to move on. I know that it’s just the last day of submitting grades, but for me, there’s just more meaning behind it.”