Making a name for itself, Frisco ISD football flourishing in 5A

Redhawks host Lake Dallas in Thursday’s Homecoming game

The annual homecoming football game is Thursday at 7 p.m at the Ford Center with the Redhawks taking on Lake Dallas in District 7-5A action.

The Redhawks enter the game 4-0, but they are far from the only Frisco ISD team seeing success this year.

With the recent success of football teams in the district, Frisco ISD has been gaining some recognition.

According to the Dallas Morning News 5A rankings, there are currently 5 Frisco ISD football teams: Lone Star, Frisco, Liberty, Memorial, and Wakeland in the top 20 rankings.

For Frisco ISD head athletic director Grace McDowell, the success of football teams has benefits beyond just the wins.

“It’s real exciting for the teams that are off to a good start,” McDowell said. “I think it provides excitement in the community. And for football it is more than a game, and brings so many students together, and so the success really builds excitement for the school year.”

It’s real exciting for the teams that are off to a good start. I think it provides excitement in the community,”

— Grace McDowell

For Redhawk defensive end senior Chika Ugoh, a drastic improvement in Frisco could have an impact on this year’s postseason.

“Frisco has taken a lot of big steps in terms of sports especially football, a lot of the teams look really good this year and teams in 5A D1 and 5A D2 we can all make a pretty deep run in the playoffs,” Ugoh said.

For Redhawks head coach Matt Swinnea, the success of Frisco Football teams also brings a weekly challenge.

“Well we knew coming into the season there would be a lot of parody and we talk all the time about getting better each week,” Swinnea said. “It’s a marathon not a sprint and every team you play each week is gunning for you and the level of play due to the competitiveness has grown and each week you have to show up.”

It’s a marathon not a sprint and every team you play each week is gunning for you,”

— Matt Swinnea

Some people have questioned if Frisco’s small school model hurts the athletic success of schools, but swinnea doesn’t agree.

“Well if you look at history actually Frisco has made deep runs in the playoffs,” Swinnea said. “If you look at Lone Star, Heritage, or Frisco High it doesn’t matter in the last 8 years I’ve been here it seems like there’s always been a team going 3 rounds or more so I don’t think that’s a fair assessment for Frisco schools because history proves it wrong.” 

With the district soon expanding from 10 to 12 5A schools, there may be even more chances for Frisco ISD teams to advance into the playoffs.

“We expect to have all of our schools to be split up between multiple districts in order to offer more advancements and playoff opportunities and state level competitions,” McDowell said.