Taking it outside

First pep rally in school history to be held outside.


Rachel Kim

The school will have its first pep rally in history held outside in order to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Shreya Jagan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

As is tradition, the school will be holding a pep rally for the first homecoming game of the season during all fourth period classes Thursday. However, for the first time in pep rally history will be held outside in an attempt to social distance and include all grades.

“We decided that when the district gave us some parameters to go by to make sure that large gatherings are socially distanced, it wouldn’t be fair to limit the number of students that can attend,” Student Council teacher Kandy Stevens said. “So, we’d like to have all the students that are interested to be involved.”

The pep rally will follow the same format as previous years except performers will have to adjust to the change in location. 

“It’s a different environment,” Stevens said. “We’re keeping it the same except I think it’s going to be a little harder dealing with the sound system and the type of floor as well.”

Senior Tushamma Rahim believes that this change in location will incite more school spirit in students.

“Especially since this is my last year, I think it’s very good that we get to see different parts of the school being utilized differently,” Rahim said. “I want to see the way the performers function in the new scenery. I think it’ll make everyone more excited.”