Workload piles up for Redhawks before winter break


Provided by Jiya Surywanshi

Over the summer, many students are interested in summer school and the district is hosting a webinar for more information.

Sarayu Bongale, Guest Contributor

As the weeks before the end of the semester are coming to a close, students have a lot to do academic-wise before they can finally have their two weeks off. 

“These few weeks were definitely stressful because all the teachers made all the tests in these few weeks so I’ve been stressed studying a lot,” freshman Reeyana Rahman said. “I’ve been trying to study harder so I can get better grades on my majors so I can waterfall it down to my quizzes and try to make sure my grades are all A’s.”

The incentive of winter break is the reason why students keep on going.

“I think the upcoming weeks are going to be very stressful because I have a lot of tests and a lot of things going on, so it’s a lot, but we get a break at the end so it’s fine,” freshman Annaliese Burkle said.

The fact that all the tests and quizzes for every class are going to be crammed into these three weeks is stressful enough, however, extracurriculars add on to this ever-increasing pile of work.

“Extracurriculars, especially in orchestra, aren’t going to affect me very much academic wise but they will cause me to lose some sleep and I will have less time for work,” Burkle said.

However, Thanksgiving Break gave some students a much-needed break.

“Thanksgiving Break gave me time to do some of the work so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during school,” Rahman said. “Like my flashcards for HGAP for example. I did them then so I didn’t have to do them later.”

For other students though, Thanksgiving Break disrupted the learning process.

“Thanksgiving break did not help out,” freshman Anvi Saxena said. “I think the upcoming weeks are going to be very stressful because I’m already in the winter break zone and I still have to get my grades up. It was hard to get back into my routine. In fact, I was very close to missing school one day,” 

Regardless, Rahman is optimistic about finishing the semester on a good note.

“I know everything will work out with my grades, and I’m actually really excited for winter break, and this semester has been a lot faster than I expected to go.”