Mixed results on the field against the Lions


Troy Williams

The Redhawks boys’ soccer team remain undefeated walking away with a 2-1 win. However, the girls continue their trend of losses falling 3-1.

Haley Ward, Sports Reporter

In hopes of caging the Lions on Wednesday, the Redhawk soccer teams faced Reedy High School in District 9-5A games.

The girls’ team did not get the outcome they intended for, losing 3-1 against the Lions.

“The team is working on winning more balls out of the air,” senior Kennedy Clountz said. “We’re also working on transitioning quicker from offense to defense.”

The boys were able to shut out the Lions, and finished the game with a 2-0 win over Reedy.

“We scored two goals, one to nil,” assistant coach Mark Thomas said. “Defensively, we kept them shut out and stopped a lot of the things that they wanted to do. So, so yeah, all in all was a great team effort.”

A win against Reedy improves the boys’ undefeated record in District 9-5A to 6-0-3, giving the team motivation going forward in the season.

“It gives them a lot of confidence,” Thomas said. “Obviously, the fact that we played the top teams in the district traditionally that are very good and tied, got three draws from that. I think the guys think that we can, we can keep the season going.”