Pho Mac: a ‘pho’nominal choice


Plano Magazine

There’s so many options to choose from at Plano’s Pho Mac Vietnamese restaurant. Guest Contributor Max Whitley shares his experience.

Max Whitley, Guest Contributor

Pho Mac is a Vietnamese restaurant with great food and service but prices that aren’t.  

When first walking in, diners are greeted by staff, seated and given a menu. It’s a dimly lit restaurant that has a good vibe, and although there was a decent amount of people in there it was pretty quiet. 

On the menu there were lots of options including appetizers, sandwiches, pho bowls, and things like milk tea, and bubble tea. 

Starting off with appetizers, there are spring rolls or egg rolls. The egg rolls were steaming hot, buttery and had a satisfying crunchiness to them. They had shredded cabbage, and other fillings in them. Each bite was flavorful and savory. 

A cheaper alternative to a pho bowl is the amazing Vietnamese ham and egg sandwich. It has a great texture and features egg, ham, tofu, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro. The carrots and cucumber provided a crunch to the sandwich, while the tofu, egg, and ham provided a savory flavor. For $5 it packs a flavorful punch.

The pho bowls come in two different sizes, small and large. And the price difference between them is about a dollar ($10-11). These are the most pricey Items on the menu, but for a good reason. This is what people come to the restaurant for, and in the restaurant about 90% of people had these massive bowls of pho noodles. 

These bowls are delectable. They have a multitude of flavors, such as spicy and umami. To start they give you a plate of fillers like bean sprouts and other vegetables. Next there was the meat and tofu with about 4-5 large pieces of beef and lots of tofu. 

The broth and pho noodles added so much to the dish, the spicy broth and the rice noodles are a great base. Every spoonful of broth and noodles had an exotic taste.

Pho Mac is an amazing restaurant that deserves more recognition. It has a lot of healthy options and is a great option in the Plano area.