Volleyball moves to first in District 10-5A


Steve Juneau

The Redhawks hope to secure their 7-0 undefeated streak in District 10-5A, when they face Heritage on Friday. They play at Heritage High School at 5:30 p.m.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

The Redhawk volleyball team earned another sweep as they beat the Centennial Titans 3-0, bringing their record to 4-0 in District 10-5A.

“The game against Centennial was another solid night for the team,” head coach Eighmy Dobbins said. “We played and communicated with each other well. Our strengths last night were our defense. Our libero, Brooklyn, killed it last night and had a ton of digs.”

Junior Brooklyn Shelton had 24 digs in the game, which gave the team an upper hand against the Titans.

“That was a huge win for us and it was evidence for our district and for ourselves that we are able to beat hard teams,” Shelton said. “I feel very prepared for the game on Friday. I think that the more games we play the more my confidence builds for our game against Independence.”

The team sits in first place District 10-5A, just ahead of the Independence Knights who they face on Friday. 

“Regardless of the win, we are so motivated to go into Independence with a chip on our shoulder,” junior Mary Jane McCurdy said. “We have been looking forward to playing them because they are our best competition. With the win, we feel more confident going into it. Now, the game is undefeated vs. undefeated and we are excited to work hard and hopefully get a dub.”