Band’s Trunk R Treat kicks off the Halloween season


Wingspan staff

Band’s annual Trunk R Treat is happening Monday from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. With a high chance of rain, there is a weather contingency plan for the event to be moved indoors.

Varun Saravanan and Maya Silberman

Nothing on campus shows the Halloween season more than Trunk R Treat, which band is hosting in the band parking lot Monday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The event allows clubs, organizations, and programs on campus to come together to celebrate Halloween. At the event, groups bring their car, dress in costumes with a theme, and give treats out to visitors.

“I’m on yearbook staff, and we are doing Trunk R Treat this year,” junior Tayyaba Mazhar said. “We’re keeping our costumes as a surprise, so I’m really looking forward to seeing ours come together and see what all of the other groups are doing.”

Rather than going house to house, trick-or-treaters go from car to car to candy. The attendees are encouraged to come in costume, and everyone is welcome. However, with a high chance of rain, there is a weather contingency plan.

“As of right now, the weather is forecasted at 80% for rain,” band director Jonathon Jadvani said via email. “We do have a rain contingency in place to relocate inside the halls surrounding the auditorium. In the event that the wonderfully predictable Texas weather changes, we will keep our original plan of hosting the event on the band parking lot.”