Girls’ basketball enters break with Allen Hoopfest


Michael Martin

Seeking out a win heading into break, the girls’ basketball team plays in the Allen Hoopfest Tournament. They are playing in the gold bracket Thursday through Saturday at Allen High School.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

In their 2nd preseason tournament, the girls’ basketball team is playing in the gold bracket of the Allen Hoopfest Tournament Thursday through Saturday at Allen High School.

“Why it’s particularly important to us is much like the Mavs Fall Classic, really all the tournaments that we take part in Hoopfest included, gather some of the best and most talented teams in the state of Texas,” head girls basketball coach Ross Reedy said. “So we know that we’re gonna get to play at a high level of competition.

Being a young team with five seniors, freshman Jacy Abii hopes to grow closer as a team.

“I hope that we continue to find ourselves and how we play best since we have a lot of young people, including myself,” Abii said. “Overall, I hope to win every game and grow closer as a team.”

With Allen being the largest high school in the state of Texas, coach Reedy says the atmosphere of the tournament is like nothing else.

“You get to play in that arena, and you don’t necessarily have those opportunities throughout the year,” Reedy said. “Having a big coliseum type arena, that’s nice. You get good experience, and it kinda feels like a playoff atmosphere because of the quality of the teams your playing and the gym.”