One Redhawk diver qualifies for 5A TISCA meet


Provided by Aubrey Henderson

Sophomore Aubrey Henderson competes in the 5A TISCA Meet at the FISD Natatorium on Thursday for the dive team. She is one of only four girls from Frisco ISD that qualified, and she is aiming for a top finish.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

The Redhawks swim and diving teams are competing in the 5A TISCA Meet at the FISD Natatorium Thursday-Saturday, and on Thursday at 12:15 p.m. sophomore Aubrey Henderson competes for the diving team.

“We have been having great practices all season,” head coach Zachariah Gnoza said. “Last year we took seven athletes to this meet, and we will be taking 16 this year. They have been working extremely hard to get here. Aubrey has been working extremely hard at qualifying for this meet. This will be her first time participating at the 5A TISCA Meet and we are eager to watch her compete.”

Being one of only four Frisco ISD girls that qualified for this meet, Henderson is aiming for top scores.

“I have three hours of diving practice on [Wednesday], so I plan to get through all my dives that I am competing on Thursday,” Henderson said. “It is an eleven dive meet which means that I have to compete in five directions and a flip in a dive in each direction. I am one of four FISD girls who qualified for this meet and I’m ready. I’m ready to push hard and work for it.”

Not letting the nerves get to her, Henderson is feeling prepared going into this meet.

“I competed at 6A TISCA, which had a total of 48 divers in this TISCA will maybe have a total of 20 divers,” Henderson said. “So this is going to be a lot more relaxing, it’s going to be a lot more chill because it’s going to be 99% FISD divers.”