School-wide fogging done to minimize spread of the flu


Varun Saravanan

With flu season in full swing, the school is taking measures in order to minimize the spread of germs. “With flu cases up significantly, I’m glad to see that the school is doing everything possible to minimize the spread of germs and keep kids healthy and in class,” parent Melanie Classe said.

Harley Classe, Editor-in-Chief

With flu and COVID-19 cases on the rise, a school wide fogging was done on the second floor Wednesday night, followed by the first floor on Thursday, all in the effort to minimize the spread of germs.

“Fogging is done in the schools whenever there are a lot of cases or an increase in cases of COVID and influenza as well,” nurse Lindsey McDavid said. “So, it’s not new to the district this year as it’s been happening with the COVID outbreaks in the last couple of years. However, flu cases are increasing a lot lately too. So as that increases and I see those numbers go up and sick kids in the school, we can call custodial services to come and fog the school.”

McDavid hopes the fog will keep the school safe for both students and teachers alike.

“It is a surface disinfectant that is just sprayed on all surfaces in the classes,” McDavid said. “So, the flu virus can live 24 to 48 hours on hard surfaces. It’s shorter on soft surfaces like clothing. Hard surfaces like desks, doorknobs, things like that, it can live on for up to a few days or two days, so that will help kill it. It can also help kill COVID virus on surfaces as well, hopefully helping people stay healthier at school.”

Not feeling well herself, it might be time to wear masks again for senior Kiara Hinz.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people sick,” Hinz said. “I am constantly hearing coughing and sneezing, and I myself am sick. I feel like people should be wearing masks. I am glad the school’s doing something about the situation by sanitizing it.”

With the winter holidays fast approaching, getting sick right now can be frustrating. 

“I know a bunch of my teachers are getting sick,” Hinz said. “One of them was so angry she got sick. She told us she would wear a mask until we got out of break so her Christmas wasn’t ruined. I just think it’s unfortunate that a lot of people are getting sick right before the holidays. I am actually supposed to have my grandparents over this weekend so, I have to be more careful. I am hoping it will be gone by then. I’ve also noticed certain people starting to wear masks, but not as much as people should be.”

Fogging the school is something some parents are grateful for anything the school can do to help keep students and teachers from getting sick. 

“With flu cases up significantly, I’m glad to see that the school is doing everything possible to minimize the spread of germs and keep kids healthy and in class,” parent Melanie Classe said. “No one wants to miss out on all of the fun activities going on this time of year so anything we can do to promote a healthy environment at school is much appreciated.”

McDavid believes the fogging will have an impact on the flu case numbers, but there are also things that individuals can do on their own to help keep the school safe.

“If you’re feeling sick, you need to come to the nurse’s office to have your temperature checked and your symptoms looked at,” McDavid said. “Or, just stay home and go to the doctor. If you have a cough or you’re sneezing, try coughing into your arm just to try to prevent those germs from spreading throughout the classroom. Also, if you have a fever, you need to stay home and be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school without fever-reducing medication.”