Girls’ basketball soars into first district game


Roy Nitzan

The girls’ basketball team soars into their first district game against Memorial Warriors. They tip off at The Nest at 6:30, where they aim to secure their first district win.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

In their first district game of the season, the girls’ basketball team faces their rivals, the Memorial Warriors, at The Nest Friday.

“We’re gonna face arguably probably the best opponent in our district, or at least our toughest from a historical perspective,” head girls basketball coach Ross Reedy said. “We’re not nervous, we’re excited. But at the same time, you are always questioning making sure that you have done a good job in your preparation and have everything you need, especially against Memorial.”

Knocking Liberty out of the playoffs last year, the Warriors placed second in the state in the 2021-2022 season.

“I’m not nervous for how Memorial is coming in,” junior Keyera Roseby said. “That was last year, I feel like we’re a better team, and we work harder. We execute offense and defense really well, we are very disciplined and were not as messy as Memorial.”

Even though they are facing a big opponent, Reedy hopes the girls have fun.

“Just hope that they go out there and have a good time,” Reedy said. “That they pass and play fast and loose and just like being out there. There is always a little bit of, you know, anxiety if you will, but to just being eager to get started.”