Soccer rolls into their season with a win and a loss


Courtesy of @LHSRedhawks

The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are kicking off their 2023 season. The girls’ saw success Tuesday with a 3-0 win, while the boys fell 3-0.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

The girls’ soccer team found success on the field Tuesday, beating Princeton 3-0 at home. However,  the boys’ team did not have the same luck that night, losing 3-0 at Little Elm.

“This was a good score, especially coming off of our first game back from break,” senior Reese Brown said. “We did well with playing as a team and keeping possession of the ball for the most of the game.”

Although the girls’ team got a win over Princeton, head coach Kyle Beggs would like to have seen the girls put more into the back of the net.

“While we scored three goals, I would like to see the team capitalize on our scoring opportunities more,” he said. “It was good to see the team have success against the high press, for when we see it from a few teams in district play, but we will continue to work on everything.

The boys’ loss came as a result of three late goals, according to sophomore David Verduzco.

“At the start of the game, everything was going well, but then we sort of gave up,” Verduzco said. “So I think we need to work on maintaining the intensity for the whole game.”

Although they took a loss, the boys improved on what they set out for, to work on bringing the team together.

“It was a tough loss but was a great opportunity for us all to continue to build together,” sophomore Hector Jenkinson said. “Part of the team is winning and losing together.”