Girls’ basketball wins third round of playoffs


Pujan Shah

Winning their third round of playoffs, the girls’ basketball team soared over Poteet High School on Monday. They now look towards the regional championship, taking place on Friday.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

The girls’ basketball team saw a 51-24 win over Poteet High School on Monday in the third round of playoffs, winning the regional quarter finals.

“We got to be sure that we keep honing in and making sure that we are doing the little things right,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “We carried that out even though we could have been better, we got into a rhythm in the second half as it was some more good play.” 

With a win on Monday, the girls’ team now advances to regionals on Friday. 

“We played very well on Monday,” junior Keyera Roseby said. “It took us a minute to get into the groove of things, but we executed and played great. Some strengths were our defensive possessions and not letting them get second chance opportunities  by rebounding well and in the second half we came out strong and made a big offensive run.”